About Me

I chose counseling as a career path because I love helping people create better lives for themselves. After working as a career counselor for several non-profits over the years I was laid off in 2001. It was two weeks before the winter holidays and I was in a large conference room with 45 co-workers when it was announced that we had lost our contract and would be losing our jobs. Most of my co-workers were understandably sad and crying at this announcement. As a solo parent with three young children I should have felt stress, anger or vulnerability myself but instead I felt exhilarated like I had just won the lottery. This job loss allowed me to rethink my own career path and goals. I wanted more autonomy and freedom and this lay off would allow me to start my own business. A month later I started the Career Ladder.

While working with job seekers through Career Ladder for the next 15 years I met many women who had yet to realize their full potential. Women that would come to me wanting career coaching but my intuition told me that something more than just their “dream job” was missing from their life. These women were living in their conditioned selves and had lost their purpose. Many were struggling with not feeling empowered or good enough. They knew life could be so much better but they were stuck and not sure how to move forward or what forward even looked like. Many of these women were waiting for someone to validate them or see their worth. It was easy for me to spot these issues because I had been there myself.

In 2013 after providing career counseling for over twenty years I realized I was no longer excited or inspired in my work like I had previously been. I had grown very comfortable playing small but I was being called to step into my power and really own all of my gifts and talents. I’d like to say that I took action right away but I didn’t. I had to break through old patterns that were no longer serving me.

In 2015 I was drawn to and accepted into a year-long Holistic coaching program. In this program I had amazing breakthroughs and shifts not only in my business but in my life. I learned more about what was holding me back from playing a bigger game. For the first time I truly broke free and started living the life I was meant to live and stepped into the work I was truly meant to do.

Launching Love Your Life Coaching in 2016 was the biggest turning point in my career. Once I uncovered and owned my talents, passion and power I was able to share my true self. I also became passionate about helping other women find their inspiration and clarity. I finally found my purpose and this transformed my life.

I realized then that my own story was also my client’s struggles…money blocks, unconscious beliefs and playing small. The breakthroughs of my own story inspire other women to shine a light on all the limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck and help them to take action and move into lives where they are creative, engaged and living with joy.

I can help you discover your life purpose and get unstuck and to tap into who you really are and what you want from life. Let me show you how. Contact me for a free 30-minute Clarity session.